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Kingdom Kids was opened in 2008 by Sarah Cook who had a vision and passion to help kids reach their highest potential academically, socially, emotionally, physically and in great character! She was a Kindergarten teacher for 4 years in Osceola County, and then had 3 children of her own. Sarah decided to open a school within the Vine Church where she has attended and led the Children’s Ministry since 2002. The staff at Kingdom Kids is made up of nurturing teachers who treat the students with respect, and maintain a calm, peaceful, and loving environment at all times.

The staff believes in each student, and finds those individual special ways to inspire and encourage each of them to grow and learn. Kingdom Kids believes children learn best when they trust and feel comfortable with their teacher. When they know their teacher believes they can succeed, they too believe it and strive for excellence.

In each of the programs offered at Kingdom Kids, the staff is eager to create a memorable experience for you and your child. Working with children at their own level, Kingdom Kids Christian Academy provides theme-based curriculum units each week where the children enjoy whole group lessons, hands-on activities, and learning centers as well as regular social-play time. Each child is encouraged and motivated to learn at their individual pace. There are extra assistants and “Peace Makers” available to help students who need more one-on-one attention to ensure every child’s specific needs are being met and that they are each continuing to reach their highest potential.

Our Mission at Kingdom Kids Christian Academy is to help each child reach his/her highest potential academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually within a loving, structured environment. 


meet the Staff
staff headshots-5.jpg

Liz Foster 



Sarah Cook


Mike DeLong

School Board Chairman


staff headshots-3.jpg

Meagan Osczepinski

2nd Grade Teacher


Stephanie Mitchell

3rd-5th Grade Teacher


Austin Mitchell

3rd-5th Grade Teacher


Liuva Mesa

1st Grade Teacher

staff headshots-1.jpg

Johanna Olmo Nunez

Kindergarten Teacher


Miranda Granado

VPK Teacher


Colleen Dean

Pre-K 3 Teacher


Leah McQueary

VPK Assistant


Zoe DeLong

Pre-K 3 Assistant


Reina Osczepinski

Pre-K 2 Teacher


Jessica Rodriguez

Lead Aftercare Teacher


Zoe Haley

Pre-K 2 Assistant


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